Wednesday, 26 January 2011

my helmet totoro

so i've become a tad obsessed with this totoro character over the past few weeks. well actually, i've been having hayao miyazaki marathons as of late. one of my many methods of procrastination. back to totoro - he is just too darn cute. he's a combination of two things i love - rabbits and plumpness. oh, how i love plumpness. i found this 'my neighbor totoro' car decal on ebay (username: ndsss1xtp) and have spiffed up my bland ol' protec helmet. gives it a little bit of personality methinks.

o clock australia

alas, i am a sucker for accessories. over the past year i think i've accumulated quite a collection of wrist knick knacks. perhaps a little more than my wardrobe cycle can handle. with the recent addition of this spiffy o clock watch, i now possess five watches. yes, unnecessary - i know. but after seeing fellow blogger, honeyhype, sport one i couldn't resist the urge. i love the simplicity of the design and concept. minimalism at its best. pop out the clock, pick your band colour of choice, tuck in the clock, and you're set.
"O Clock are elegant, unisex silicon watches that are hypoallergenic and water resistant. Available in 15 colours and 3 sizes (S, M & L) O Clock bands are interchangeable. Designed and manufactured in Italy O Clock are stylish, versatile and durable. Packaged in cans, O Clock make the perfect gift." - o clock australia

influence: honeyhype

Tuesday, 25 January 2011

magazine rack

a couple weekends ago i came across this metal magazine rack at a local savers for the small price of $4.99. bargain. d.i.y. spray-paint job? i think so. i love that something so simple can be salvaged so easily with a light coat of white matte spray paint.

Friday, 14 January 2011

billingham hadley digital

received my billingham hadley digital in the post this morning. ecstatic. i can finally take my nikon out for stroll. a friend asked me why i purchased the hadley digital rather than the hadley small - i settled for the hadley digital because it is the perfect size for me. as a girl, i carry around a bag for my essential daily needs. lugging around both a hadley small or pro and my daily bag just doesn't seem very convenient or efficient. i also don't intend to run around with more than one lens, not at this point in time. perhaps later down the track, when i feel the hadley small or pro is a suitable size for my photography needs, i shall purchase one. for now, i'm quite loving my hadley digital. plus, if i ever feel the need for a little extra room, i can always opt for a nifty AVEA side pocket.

"Based on the design of its bigger brothers, the Hadley Digital is manufactured to carry a DSLR with a standard lens attached. Depending on the size of your camera, it can be loaded with the grip facing up at you under the flap or with the lens pointing down into the bag.

It has a non-removeable insert and features an adjustable single Quick Release strap into a brass buckle, bellowed front pocket with press-stud fastening and a double darted main flap which covers the mouth of the bag when closed protecting it from rain and weather elements.

The fully adjustable shoulder sling is sewn under a leather side pathc, which provides the facility to attach our AVEA side pockets. The AVEA03 is the nicest looking fit as they are slimer and match the side profile of the Hadley Digital. However, the AVEA05's will also fit if you need extra room and are less concerned with aesthetics." -

brooks b17 special honey

after much pondering and contemplation, i decided on the brooks b17 special honey. i was initially going to settle for the brooks b17 special green, but abbotsford cycles only had one in stock, which was just a shade too dark for my liking. i selected the b17 mens design, rather than womens. apparently the womens saddle doesn't suit all the ladies. i think it would look out of place on my road bike, probably best suited for a low rider or step-through frame. why fork out the extra dough for the 'special' edition? the aesthetically pleasing hand-hammered copper rivets, could not resist. quite happy with my saddle. now i just have to wait patiently for this dismal melbourne weather be over, then i shall start moulding this little beauty.

Thursday, 13 January 2011

richard nabarro

"Hi! I'm Richard J. Nabarro, a Graphic Designer & Illustrator based in the UK. I love design in all shapes and sizes, from carefully considered minimal work, right the way through to complex and intensely detailed illustrations.

Photography has always been a passion of mine, and it usually plays a significant role in my work. I like to dabble in various fields, but my main focus lies with print and web based design." - richard nabarro


Wednesday, 12 January 2011

diana mini leather case

"Keep your Diana Mini Camera sweet and safe. Specially created to keep your Diana Mini camera safe and sound, it’s made from quality organically finished leather and snap buttons with the Lomohead accent. Not only does it offer protection and a boost of style; you’ll love its convenience too!

Crafted from vegetable-tanned leather. Front part can be opened (ready-to-shoot). Remove the front part completely (ready-to-shoot)." - lomography

purchased from: urbanoutfitters

the cambridge satchel company | treasure trunk

"These beautifully paper lined trunks have leather effect covering, gold locks. A cabin lock is available as an option in place of the standard lock. There are two handles in black on either side to make this easy to move from place to place - you will want to keep this close by!

These trunks are made in the UK specially for Cambridge Satchel and bear our distinctive logo on a brass plate at the front. Standard lockable lock. Just like our satchels and music bags - these are British design classics." - cambridgesatchel