Friday, 14 January 2011

billingham hadley digital

received my billingham hadley digital in the post this morning. ecstatic. i can finally take my nikon out for stroll. a friend asked me why i purchased the hadley digital rather than the hadley small - i settled for the hadley digital because it is the perfect size for me. as a girl, i carry around a bag for my essential daily needs. lugging around both a hadley small or pro and my daily bag just doesn't seem very convenient or efficient. i also don't intend to run around with more than one lens, not at this point in time. perhaps later down the track, when i feel the hadley small or pro is a suitable size for my photography needs, i shall purchase one. for now, i'm quite loving my hadley digital. plus, if i ever feel the need for a little extra room, i can always opt for a nifty AVEA side pocket.

"Based on the design of its bigger brothers, the Hadley Digital is manufactured to carry a DSLR with a standard lens attached. Depending on the size of your camera, it can be loaded with the grip facing up at you under the flap or with the lens pointing down into the bag.

It has a non-removeable insert and features an adjustable single Quick Release strap into a brass buckle, bellowed front pocket with press-stud fastening and a double darted main flap which covers the mouth of the bag when closed protecting it from rain and weather elements.

The fully adjustable shoulder sling is sewn under a leather side pathc, which provides the facility to attach our AVEA side pockets. The AVEA03 is the nicest looking fit as they are slimer and match the side profile of the Hadley Digital. However, the AVEA05's will also fit if you need extra room and are less concerned with aesthetics." -

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joey @honeyhype said...

Your photos makes me wanna buy this!
Or perhaps a bigger one just in case i need to carry another lens or flash. Nice!