Tuesday, 18 March 2008

when i was younger

duminda (23): when i was younger i was into jamiroquai
me (20): when i was younger i was a nirvana girl
gk and rosemary (senior client service managers): i like how they say 'when i was younger'
... so we duminda came to the conclusion that people are not allowed to say 'when i was younger' till they turn 23. but that's only cos it works in duminda's advantage.

so, back in the day ...

Sunday, 2 March 2008

subway cricket

luke and i make saturdays at subway fun. here's a little game he and rushin made, we like to call it subway cricket. none of that car cricket stuff (i'll exlpain that in a second), this is the real thing, well as real as it can get at subway.
1. the ball; made from paper towels and masking tape
2. the bat; a pipe tube thing
3. the wicket; wet floor sign
4. if you hit the ball and it lands on the stairs or hits the fridge doors - you're out
5. fielders; bin, crate, bucket x2

6: ball hits the back wall
4: ball hits the wall on the left hand side
4: ball rolls on the floor and reaches the back wall

that's subway cricket. with car cricket we stand out front and watch the cars. you get points depending on which cars pass the store on your turn. the rules for car cricket, which we don't really play anymore, are as follows:
6: tram, ambulance, fire truck, limousine
4: truck, bus
1: normal car or a van
out: red car