Sunday, 28 June 2009

r.i.p. 26.06.09

image source: addsubtract

frog case

so this is my first attempt at making an 8 inch case. i still think it's not up to par. no fear, there's plenty of cute frog material left. i'll make another one possibly tomorrow (also 8 inch), see how that goes.

Saturday, 27 June 2009

rocking the nose ring

tristan blair lemmings

pop. deedee. leiza black.
also love the feather capelet in the second photo.

frye boots for me?

yes please! so i didn't manage to get a pair of the oh so desired engineer boots, only size 9s were left. how unfortunate. if i do find them again, and i have some ca-ching to dish out, i will most certainly be purchasing them. but for now, i have the 12 inch harness pair (as below). in my opinion, if cowboy boots were to have sex with the engineer boots, this would be their offspring. i know some people may not approve of the boots and would call them, and i quote, lesbian boots (you know who you are, ily x), but i think they will work with some of my outfits. plus, the sales assistant was wearing a pair, and i must say - she totally rocked them. oh, how i heart good quality leather.
'Founded in 1863 by English shoemaker John A. Frye, the Frye Company is the oldest continuously operated shoe company in the United States, and Frye boots were worn by soldiers for both sides of America's Civil War.' -

Thursday, 25 June 2009

a serious note from the author

Written on December 16, 2007
Dear Reader,

I’ve been receiving some email from “wreck this journal” users who are mentioning that they are having trouble wrecking their copies. I wanted to mention that this is in part the point of the book. That we will all come up against some kinds of blocks or impasses (some pages are harder for us than others), based on our own personal relationship with destruction and our own perfectionistic tendencies. I would like to state for ther record that this is perfectly normal and expected. I myself have found there are some pages that I like to avoid, but I do know that those are the places that I probably need to visit the most. The hope is that somehow we can work through these blockages using the book, and maybe they will translate to bigger things out in the world, (or not). But in my experience usually they do. I am much less afraid of mistakes than I used to be. Time to jump in and get REALLY dirty. I know it’s scary sometimes, but you’re only here once so you better wreck as many pages (and things) as you possibly can, (otherwise how will anyone ever know you were here?). Maybe getting a bit angry will help. If it helps you can pretend to be angry at me the author for putting you through this ridiculous experience.
Note to those of you who are tempted to keep your copy in a perfect, pristine condition: This is definitely NOT THE POINT!!! You are hereby instructed to dispose of the entire book immediately! (through fire, loss, passing on your copy to someone who is capable of destroying it, give it to your dog, throw it out of a moving vehicle, put it back on the shelf where you bought it, mail it to your mother, give it to a child, or any number of methods of disposal that are not listed here). You are no longer allowed to have the book in your possession! You are banned from ownership of this particular book until you can find a way to follow the instructions. Or until further notice from me, whichever comes first.

wreck this journal - keri smith

saw this at nifty little book at metropolis a couple months back, decided to pop by and purchase it today. an epic book shop by the way - especially great for those interested in design, fashion, arts and crafts. 'wreck this journal' by keri smith. each page lists an activity to complete in or with the journal. for example climb up high, drop the journal; scratch page using a sharp object. may seem a tad lame, but that i am. will keep blogger up to date with the progress. here are some examples of other people's journals for your perusal - 1, 2, 3. below are images of my journal in pristine condition.

Tuesday, 23 June 2009

origami bookmark

inflatable origami bunny

thought i'd make use of my frankie gift wrap paper. oh the joy of google in the presence of boredom. for some reason my photos have a tendency to come out with an orange tinge ... delilah - any advice here? or is my camera just shit? ... i'm guessing the latter.

Sunday, 21 June 2009

Saturday, 20 June 2009


currently loving creepers. not sure if i could pull them off. understand that many don't find the shoes very appealing, but i think certain pairs could work with my wardrobe. maybe i can rock it like the fabulous noot sear. love her creepers - they're less chunky, which are the kind i'll be on the lookout for. although, the lack of chunkiness defeats the purpose of getting creepers ... oh well. foxyman looks great in them - picture as below.


phillip: they sell really good donuts in footscray
dad: what donuts? where?
me: yeah! the ones at the station mmm
mum: what are you talking about?
me and phillip: do-nuts!
mum: but i have to ask!
me: mum! they sell good donuts at footscray station!
mum: oh! donuts! i thought you said 'don't ask'
me and phillip: -dies-

Friday, 19 June 2009

coupla spring 2010 shoot

will be using these as inspiration for my soon to be distressed denim jeans.

image credits: knightcat; copula

teacup candles

saw these in lady (a lovely little melbourne boutique owned by petrova hammond from project runway australia - season 1) a few weeks back and we have discussed - little hurricano will potentially be stocking incense teacup candles. the search for cute vintage teacups should be a fun little project for delilah and i. i might drop by some local shops tomorrow to pick up a few teacups just to get us started.