Saturday, 30 January 2010

vintage brooches

tea set brooch from the 1960s

heart locket brooch from the 1940s

note: vintage dates are questionable, but i think these pieces are gorgeous regardless

oxford comma by vampire weekend

W H O . G I V E S . A . F U C K . A B O U T . A N . O X F O R D . C O M M A . ?

blackberry vs iphone

an oldie but a goodie. love 1:09 and 1:32

shave it


The happiest people are those who think the most interesting thoughts. Those who decide to use leisure as a means of mental development, who love good music, good books, good pictures, good company, good conversation, are the happiest people in the world. And they are not only happy in themselves, they are the cause of happiness in others.” - William Lyon Phelps

Thursday, 28 January 2010

the spirit of the black dress

"Our aim is to promote emerging designers and bring attention to the exceptional talent born of the Australian consciousness. The Spirit of the Black Dress brings together different factions of the fashion and textiles industry, building a stronger community in order to increase the international appreciation for Australian design." - thespiritoftheblackdress

darla baker

Wednesday, 27 January 2010

stella's sketchbook

the last few pages of stella im hultberg's sketchbook.

image source: stella im hultberg

only one

image source: fuckyeahpyts

i can talk by two door cinema club

avoid me

no matter how hard i try, you're still so fucking unavoidable.

bdo recap

overall, quite a mellow festival.
i will make this one short and sweet. recaps are as follows: -

sugar army: rockin', as per usual. i don't think i could ever get sick of their live performances. their show at the northcote social club, i must admit, was better. perhaps because it was my first time seeing them live, not to mention, the venue was small and the crowd had a more intimate connection with the band. wow, i make watching bands sound like having sex. then again, on some occasions ... okay, tmi, amanda, tmi.

lisa mitchell: i skipped karivool to see this one. would have preferred seeing karnivool as their sound is more my thing. nevertheless, lisa mitchell is adorable and so is her music. very girly cutesy. her singing is gorgeous live. she made a cute comment before 'coin laundry' about people throwing coins at her previously, and pleaded that people not throw little metal objects at her this time round. love.

tame impala: don't think i stuck around long enough to feel their epic-ness. but from what i saw, 'twas a great performance. good to see the boys are making it. just hope they don't conform and lose their unique sound in the process.

kisschasy: not much to say here. sounded great. love their old tracks. didn't stick around long enough to see them perform 'black dress', not sure if they even did.

kasabian: epic, as expected. crowd was huge. honestly, had no idea they were that big. this is what happens when you isolate yourself from the radio. ignorance is bliss, but there are consequences that come hand in hand. i'd listen to triple j if i had a stereo or drove a car. but, doesn't look like that's happening any time soon. i'd like to say it's because i'm an environmentally friendly individual, but that would be a lie. i don't drive because i'm that pathetic. but you still love me, right? ... i recycle paper if that makes you feel any better. where are you going? -reaches out and whispers- come back ...

the temper trap: saw a bit. didn't excite me much, as i've already seen them at v festival ... which also did not excite me. they have a couple good tracks, but other than that, i just don't think they do it for me. to each his own. my music preferences, however, do not reflect their performance. they did great. and hey, go them for getting a track on the '500 days of summer' sound track. all power to them.

eskimo joe: don't have much to say here, because believe it or not, i'm not very familiar with the band. but, they sounded good from where i was sitting.

the decemberists: a highly anticipated show, with reason. they were nothing short of brilliant. vocals were spot on. for those of you who are unfamiliar with this lovely band, they're folky indie rock. a unique sound which i associate with death cab for cutie. very tight set, in my opinion. loved this. ETA: view clip of engine driver here.

midnight juggernauts: haven't got much to say here. they were good, but i was a little preoccupied at the time, so didn't get the full intensity of their performance. but it's okay, i was there when they played with bloc party. and that was the shiznit.

dizzee rascal: skipped rise against for this. i love rise against, but i think seeing them live would be too intense for lil' ol' me. apparently, according to my dear friend lichan, i can only handle sissy weak screamo. be that as it may, i think the crowd would have consumed my delicate small frame. back on topic, i'm familiar with a couple of dizzee rascal tracks, but i haven't had much exposure to him. that said, this performance has convinced me to get a hold of his album, despite it being out of my usual music genre. it's okay to stray, it gives you more variety. very upbeat show. his british accent made me feel like i was in an episode of skins, in the presence of jal's brothers. and well, if anything makes you feel like you're in an episode of skins, it's brill by default.

lily allen: she's gorgeous. adore the british accent. she wore the autralian flag as a shirt-dress-thing, looked funny, but she was supporting australia day, so go her - australia for the win. love how she can pull off this cute look and yet rip out these swear words in general conversation ... and yet, still appear cute. unfortunately, she bears a slight resemblance to a certain individual that i despise in epic proportions. homewrecking whorefaced scumbag. apologies for that mini tantrum, i do not promise it will not happen again.

jet: heard this in the background whilst snacking. couldn't hear much, so i really have no comment here.

ladyhawke: i think she's a great female vocalist in her genre of music. but in my opinion, her live performances don't really live up to expectations. she's rather bland as a performer. i'm sure she has it in her. she could do more to make her performances more interesting. not that she's not putting in effort, she is, but it could be better. then again, i'm sure a hot blonde chick playing the guitar satisfies the needs of many. perhaps i'm asking for too much?

simian mobile disco: ah, we meet again. fun fun. always great to dance to. i'm a hustler baby, that's what my daddy's made me.

peaches: i'd only given her album a couple of gos before this event. that said, this was probably the best show i attended. and that's saying a lot, especially given my lack of exposure to her. this performance was soaked in effort and brilliance. costume changes and ... blinking lights in places there shouldn't be blinking lights. so much to say, but i'll make it quick. large shoulder pads, big hair, large penis', pussy lights, michael jackson. jesus walked on water, so i'm going to walk on you. with that, i suggest you use your vivid imagination to conjure up thoughts of peaches' orb of awesomeness. at this point, it was getting quite chilly. damn melbourne weather. so i borrowed a friend's denim jacket. what was i wearing? denim shorts. that's right my friends, i was rockin' it in double denim from here. cringes.

muse: looking back, i regret not sticking around long enough to see them perform ACDC with jet. sigh. how was i supposed to know? i saw the songs i wanted to see, then booted off with the girls, due to the poor sound we were receiving from the stage. perhaps it was the slight breeze combined with our chosen distant location. given this was the band i was initially anticipating the most, i think i should've waited it out to see them rock it. but i moved along with the cattle to ...

groove armada: again, another band i don't listen to. which begs the question, why would i sacrafice muse for groove armada? sigh. that said, this was quite fantastic. the light effects were awesome. neon glow sticks thrown everywhere. got lucy to take some lomo shots of the light effects, those should come out uber sweet. got tired so i left all on my lonesome ...

vienetta: and that was that. the end of big day out. oh wait, then i walked home and being the smart girl that i am, i got locked out of my house due to conveniently forgetting my security door key. tried calling the parentals and impatiently pressing the door-bell in a continuous aggressive motion, but to no avail. at this point, i assumed my parentals were out. never fear, my beloved brother came to the rescue 20 mins later. sitting outside in the cold in shorts and a tee, and the iphone being my only source of entertainment, it felt like the longest 20 mins of my life. relieved that i am finally within the walls of my humble abode, i walk upstairs and what do i find? low and behold, my parents sitting there watching tv on full blast. gg my friends, g fucking g. or as my friend would say, gg no rematch. but nothing a slice of streets vienetta ice-cream can't fix. and that, my friends, is how my big day out ended.

Sunday, 24 January 2010

miranda bailey

sam: i'm putting my foot down. ok? my, my foot is down.
bailey: your foot is ... your foot is down? oh, no ... you better pick that foot up and use it to walk away from me.



cute french girl telling a story. love.

Thursday, 21 January 2010


"I believe the saddest thing in life, is caring so much for someone and then one day you look into their eyes and listen to them talk and realize that they are gone. All you see in front of you is a stranger with just a known name." - unknown


victor and rolf

Tuesday, 19 January 2010

lost valentinos

i should smack myself for neglecting this uber awesome local band over the past couple of months. my only excuse, the loads of music i have to go through on my itunes playlist which is hindering me from exposure to other awesome music. no seriously, ask anyone - it's that huge. and then there's my failed attempt to relieve my anticipation for the upcoming concert in march - pixies on repeat.

back on topic. loving the 'cities of gold' debut album. due to reasons listed above, their album release was only recently brought to my attention (released in september 09). yes, i am a failure of a muso. 'serio' and 'the bismarck' are tracks i've had floating around for a while, so i have had a taste of what was yet to come from lost valentinos. their sound has definitely changed since their name change from 'the valentinos'. not sure whether or not it's for the better, but i love both the before and after results. i will say though, i can see how their new sound may attract a larger crowd. insert-judgemental-thought-here. enjoy the clip.

fly owl, fly

Sunday, 17 January 2010


"you may be deceived if you trust too much,

but you will live in torment if you do not trust enough" - frank crane

image source: sexualistic

Friday, 15 January 2010

karen walker boat shoes

these have got to be the cutest boat shoes known to mankind. adorable.

the luncheonette

welcome to the burbs. this excites me. a snazzy place to wine and dine that's conveniently close to home. loving the interior, feels very brunswick-y. as a local i'm admittedly biased, however, you'd be surprised what you can find in lil ol' kenny. perhaps i won't be so inclined to move to brunswick afterall. we shall see. looking forward to seeing similar establishments in the (hopefully) not too distant future.
"Olivia Robinson smuggled a culinary secret back from New York when she returned to the homeland early last year. While in the US, the hospitality veteran (of New York eateries Brown and Gitane) developed a fancy for the Lower East Side counter cafes known as 'Luncheonettes' and decided the slept-on suburb of Kensington was the perfect location to open her very own.

Striking the delicate balance of cute-not-kitsch, and with focused-not-fierce service, Luncheonette toasts the other country-style eateries in the area like a ham and cheese sandwich. The food is almost all organic, derived locally from the Vic Markets, Dench Bakers and Crumbs Bakehouse. Meals like the breakfast platter (muesli with organic yoghurt with pistachios, honey and fruit toast) and the baked egg combos are even presented on lil' wooden boards!!

The interior is spotless yet filled with character, decorated with hand painted windows and accessories, a vintage cash register and random collectables that Olivia now has an excuse to display. All in all, Luncheonette is redolent with nostalgia of good times with friends and coffee in New York City. (Specifically, south of Houston, east of Bowery.)" - threethousand

173 Rankins Road, Kensington (opposite Kensington train station)

image source: flickr

Monday, 11 January 2010

no answer

saw this on the train this morning. it's times like these i wish i popped my head out of the books and was more attentive to melbourne's art culture whilst still at uni. i think this was a brilliant idea and i'm totally kicking myself for not being there to see it in action. they remind me of bugs, and the ringing somewhat resembles chirping of crickets. although, i'm sure that's not the effect they were going for. but hey, art is always open to your own interpretation. brilliant work from melbourne. 'tis why i love this city.


No Answer (2006)
Martine Corompt & Philip Brophy
Photography by Greg Sims
Location Lush Lane

The enigma of the ringing public payphone. Who is calling, and who will answer?

A Melbourne lane-way. From the main street you hear the faint ringing of a public phone. As you near the mouth of the laneway, the ringing is clearer. It is not one phone: it sounds more like ten phones, chiming intermittently. Now standing at the mouth of the laneway, you see multiple public phones, each covered by their radiant dome, distributed across the laneway’s wall at varying heights. Some are positioned two stories high. All are inaccessible. You move down into the laneway. All the phones continue to chime intermittently, gently filling the spatial volume of the laneway space. Unable to reach or pick-up the receivers, you are left listening to the sound of ringing - the sound of no answer.

City of Melbourne Laneway Commission 2006

content source: moving galleries

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