Friday, 14 January 2011

brooks b17 special honey

after much pondering and contemplation, i decided on the brooks b17 special honey. i was initially going to settle for the brooks b17 special green, but abbotsford cycles only had one in stock, which was just a shade too dark for my liking. i selected the b17 mens design, rather than womens. apparently the womens saddle doesn't suit all the ladies. i think it would look out of place on my road bike, probably best suited for a low rider or step-through frame. why fork out the extra dough for the 'special' edition? the aesthetically pleasing hand-hammered copper rivets, could not resist. quite happy with my saddle. now i just have to wait patiently for this dismal melbourne weather be over, then i shall start moulding this little beauty.

1 comment:

joey @honeyhype said...

Yummy! This will look sooooo delicious when its on your bike! I've temporarily given up on a bike cos I was convinced that I wouldn't ride it enough :( Hope to get one before end of 2011!!