Sunday, 28 February 2010

little collins street

due to some dodgy restrictions regarding my lunch break, i've been forced to consume my lunch alone. quite sad, really. but good in the sense that it forces me to leave the office and wander the streets of melbourne. on this particular day, i decided to browse little collins street. i came across two lovely boutique shops.

1. little salon - shop 1, 353 little collins st
love the interior of this shop. definitely worth a browse if you're looking for unique jewellery. they also stock white bone china pieces by have you met miss jones. love. although, they do seem to be everywhere at the moment. my rabbits also seem to have fornicated profusely and popped into several melbourne boutique stores - with an elevated price tag, might i add. also glanced over some kitty came home clutches - very cute.

2. rapproducts - 345 little collins st
caters to young adults. definitely for newly weds and young families, given there's a corner purely dedicated to the little people a.k.a. babies. a sweet shop for homeware. i'm loving homeware at the moment, not sure why - but it makes me feel like an old person. they also stock white display pieces, but not the ones that are stocked in every nook and cranny of melbourne - which is nice to see. didn't fancy their jewellery stock. just not for me, i guess.

Saturday, 27 February 2010

book cover

i like to keep my books (and everthing else) in pristine condition. a creased book cover is a no go for the likes of me. i usually don't bring books around in my bag to prevent such occurrences. a friday night in coupled with some fabric prompted me to cater to the needs of my anal retentive disorder. the end result - this simple padded book cover. probably not the greatest of covers when it comes to book armor, but it will do for now. may add this design to our 'little hurricano' collection.

credits: delilah - for the quilting idea and also for providing the fabric.

Wednesday, 24 February 2010


I believe the saddest thing in life, is caring so much for someone and then one day you look into their eyes and listen to them talk and realise that they are gone. All you see in front of you is a stranger with just a known name.” - unknown


a little thinspiration can't hurt.

Tuesday, 23 February 2010

alice mccall FW10

truth will out dress

every rose has it's thorn skirt

companion parrot

designed by tithi kutchamuch. bird body parts on a necklace encased in a life size companion parrot. made from bronze, silver and alumnium. not something i would wear myself, but i do love the idea. definitely something i would use as a display piece. gnarly, but also creatively brilliant at the same time. as disturbing as it may sound, to me it somewhat resembles balut egg. mmm scrumptious indeed.

Monday, 22 February 2010

lady petrova

the collector - winter 2010

image source: lady petrova; credit: tamingthewild

silver rabbit ring by corky saint clair

a friend bought one of these and i thought it was a brilliant little piece, could not resist getting myself one. the rabbit ring is sterling silver with feet that extend to his face forming the base of the ring. much has progressed since i purchased my hootie the owl necklace at corky saint clair, and i'm sure we'll see much more from these talented young designers.

Thursday, 18 February 2010

let's tie the knit

nikki gabriel has influenced me to knit myself some pieces for the coming winter season, or at least attempt to. i think i'll be having some fun with these knitting needles. literally, they're so big, you could do so many 'fun' things with them. okay, inappropriate. moving on. the knitting patterns are quite low in content for the $20 (each) price tag. i think i was sold by the simple packaging. i'm so easily influenced by good packaging. as you can see, i clearly have a thing brown paper bags. i kid you not. if i made a purchase and did not need a bag, but knew this particular store used paper bags, i'd request for one. i'm environmentally friendly like that. i have growing a stash. no particular use for them as yet, but they'll come in handy one day, i'm sure. i did purchase darning needles, however, i may have left them at the clegs counter as i darted to catch my tram. curses. will try to redeem them with my receipt tomorrow. eta: found them in my paper bag.

also purchased frankie. i used to buy this magazine religiously on a bi-monthly basis, but i began to love the magazine a little less due to their advertisements. i just think they should be a tad bit more selective with their ad clientele. i'd like to see an ad that appeals to me. i think only a minority, if any, of frankie readers dig the surf style. which begs the question - why plaster it all over the magazine? cater to your readers, frankie. that said, it's still a good read. and i'm thankful that the witty minds of mia timpano and benjamin law still linger here and there.

Wednesday, 17 February 2010

the fall

the cutest runway fall ever. i love her attitude, too. smile, clap, curtsy.
only she could redeem herself on the catwalk so well.
how? because she's agyness deyn.

Monday, 15 February 2010

the copenhagen experience

backstage at alexander wang spring 2010

healer, the lazy cries. lampshades, doused in gasoline.
healer, our last goodbye. waving, from rusted balconies.

healer, deceitful eyes. witness, the false atrocities.
healer, the poor disguise. being here's, a lust for vanity.

abbey and freja

image source: fuckyeahfrejabeha

Sunday, 7 February 2010


"you've ruined it. you don't want anyone to care. everything's so fragile.
don't you realise that? we were special." - emily fitch

image source: summernightparty