Saturday, 30 April 2011

bicycle wine rack

don't fancy a six pack? you're more of a wine person? you and me both. designer jesse herbert has the perfect solution - a bicycle wine rack. genius. well, technically you could just pop that bottle of merlot in the basket - but this contraption adds a special little something to the bike frame, and i'm a sucker for leather bike accessories. yes, i too questioned whether the straps could hold the bottle throughout a bumpy ride. jesse and his fellow suburbans are pretty certain it can withstand anything - check out the clip here.

source: oopsmark

lomo lc-a+

this little beauty of a camera has been on my wishlist for quite some time now, but i could never bring myself to fork out the money to purchase one. luckily, urban outfitters were kind enough to give me 20% off my next purchase, saving me fifty dollar bucks. score. so i guess you say this is a little birthday gift to myself. i thought the packaging was quite nice, and being a fan of such things, i thought i'd share the unraveling process with you.

"Getting the effect is one thing, but shooting lomography style is certainly another. To answer the original question - Yes, you can get lomo-ish effect with digital. But after shooting for a day with Mijonju - one realised that it's not just about the effect, it's about the complete package, the sort of raw process of shooting. Not being confined to conventions and what traditionally makes a good photo and using film as a part of that. It's part the charm and surprise when you get it developed. There's still a lot of fun to be had with film still while digital offers a lot of convenience and flexibility. But trying to do lomo with digital defeats the whole object of doing lomography in the first place." - kai from digitalrev

Sunday, 24 April 2011

ooh! swish

note: refer to clip from previous post.

clothing in the year 2000

bunny bound

given it is easter sunday, i felt it only appropriate to make a post on my ever-growing rabbit collection. why the rabbit collection? well, as much as i would love my own holland lop - i simply do not have the time or effort for one. so i have this collection to make up for it. low maintenance at its best.

Saturday, 23 April 2011

sebastian hempel

"Though his work substantially deals with the phenomena of light, space and time, velocity and sound, perception and motility, it is in the manipulative investigations born of an »experimental play« with these issues that the essence of Hempel’s work resides. Therefore the nature of curiosity, problems to be solved, puzzlement and subsequent dicovery, are integrated into his sculptural and spatial undertakings from the very beginning.

But to mention play inevitably alludes to pleasure and fun, to the artist’s optical games as well as the spatial actions he provokes. His developing of human sensory experiences of either of an optical or aural nature, mediated though a motile and spatial impulse, is an omnipresent feature found within all his sculptural works and installations." - Mark Gisbourne, Galerie baer

plaster sculpture by gerhard mayer

"The multidisciplinary German artist Gerhard Mayer is interested in quantum physics that becomes apparent in the visual outcome of the drawings and sculptures. He is well known because of his amazing drawings which are created within the parameters of seven strict rules. Using drafting pens and an elliptical stencil, he draws curving parallel lines that, among other requirements, cannot intersect, cannot become complete ellipses or mere points, and must always lie on the horizontal."- triangulation blog

image source: gerhard mayer

Sunday, 17 April 2011

l’étranger | erika altosaar

"An unbound tabloid portfolio of 12 drawings by Montreal-based artist Erika Altosaar. Printed on 35# newsprint, each copy is numbered by hand and devliered in a clear protective sleeve." - brown griffin

marc newson for ikepod

"Marc Newson’s latest creation for contemporary watch brand Ikepod sees the Australian super-designer interpret the most iconic timepiece of all: the hourglass. Today’s short captures its development in a film by NOWNESS contributor Philip Andelman, the director behind music videos for Beyoncé, Jay-Z and Band of Horses. “The hourglass is ancient, just like the wheel,” Newson muses. “It embodies the quintessence of time.” Andelman spent two days at the GlasKeller factory in Basel filming the arduous craftsmanship behind the piece; each model requires a day to make, comprises highly durable borosilicate glass and thousands of metallurgical nanoballs, and is available in a ten- or 60-minute version. “I was surprised by the malleability of the glass; how they could bend and mold something that seems so strong yet so fragile,” Andelman says. “There are so many paradoxes at play, and I found that really poetic.” -

Monday, 11 April 2011

Monday, 4 April 2011


like water off a duck's back.
relieving the mental strain that is you.