Friday, 30 November 2007

needle on the record

annie collinge

"These quirky, playful photographs are the work of British photographer, Annie Collinge. Collinge’s blend of fashion and still life leads her to create these unique scenes which add a little fun to fashion editorials." - trendhunter

Wednesday, 28 November 2007

victoria mason

"I used to try to save perfect pencil shavings. They looked so beautiful, especially if I'd sharpened a couple of different colours. But they'd never keep. I'd try to keep them whole for as long as I could but they never lasted for very long. Now I can make ones that do keep. And you can even wear them around your neck." - victoria mason

i want my holga

and i want it now. i sound like veruca salt. really excited about my future holga adventures with lucy. should be heaps fun. i want a darkroom so i can develop my own photos. that would be wicked sweet.

on another note, i know this is going to sound weird - i like the sound of tape in the holga youtube clips. it's soothing, like chalk on the blackboard ... not nails - chalk. and the sound of people flicking through a book with thick pages, like in playschool. and the feeling of electric tape, especially when you pull and cut. ialsoliketosniffbooksokbye.

Tuesday, 27 November 2007

phillip toledano

"Phillip Toledano was born in London to a French Moroccan mother, and an American father. He believes that photographs should be like unfinished sentences. There should always be space for questions. Phillip’s work is socio-political, and varies in medium, from photography, to installation." - mrtoledano

Saturday, 24 November 2007

moving on from xanga

i figure it's about time i should, despite the two years or so that i've been dedicated to xanga. blogger seems just so much more superior - and it looks prettier when you're posting. omg i just noticed the 'add image' option - i thought blogger wouldn't have it. sweet.