Wednesday, 26 January 2011

my helmet totoro

so i've become a tad obsessed with this totoro character over the past few weeks. well actually, i've been having hayao miyazaki marathons as of late. one of my many methods of procrastination. back to totoro - he is just too darn cute. he's a combination of two things i love - rabbits and plumpness. oh, how i love plumpness. i found this 'my neighbor totoro' car decal on ebay (username: ndsss1xtp) and have spiffed up my bland ol' protec helmet. gives it a little bit of personality methinks.

1 comment:

joey @honeyhype said...

Too freaking cute!
If/when i go to melb, I wanna see you with ur bike & all your gear! Photoshoot hell yes!