Wednesday, 30 March 2011

jennifer chun | fall winter 2011

shattered expectations

the extended wait for something you anticipate to be amazing.
only to realise upon its long awaited arrival,
that it's not what you had hoped for ... at all.

image source: fuckyeahpyts

Wednesday, 23 March 2011

red hunter wellies received

i have finally received and am loving my new perfect red gumboots. something about running around in these boots makes me feel like a child again. i remember as a child, i would trot around the garden in my cliché yellow plastic raincoat and tiny red gumboots, complete with mickey mouse decal. yeah, i was cool like that. there was this one time when i placed my foot in my gumboot ready for a new venture in my backyard, only to step on what felt like a frog inside my boot. could have been a snail, i was too distressed to check. needless to say, i was traumatised by this encounter with the foreign amphibian and instantaneously abandoned those well loved mickey mouse gumboots. i then moved on to a pair of glossy royal blue gumboots, which i stored indoors - an attempt at avoiding another gnarly frog-foot collision. never again would my gumboots be left unattended in our frog-infested backyard. and now as an adult, i've reunited with the traditional red gumboot. no frogs or snails in sight, but i will still be keeping these babies indoors ... i guess this phobia of frog-foot collision will stay with me forever, from boot to boot. silly, i know, but i can't help myself ... it was a truly traumatic incident for a five year old child to experience ... it was.

Monday, 14 March 2011

maia flore | sleep elevations

i adore these pieces from maia flore's 'sleep elevations' collection. the soft colours accompanied by the dream like flow of the subjects - a perfect combination. a simple concept, well thought out and artistically presented in such a way that makes the viewer feel at ease. no noise, just a drifting silence.


thought i'd share some of my purchases from yesterday's trip to miss marple's turf - sassafras.

  1. floral tea canister from tea leaves - those who know me well, are aware that i'm quite the organised hoarder. to date, i have a collection of eighteen fossil tins. not sure why, but i just love tins, so an affinity for tea canisters is a given. i intend to have an ongoing unique collection. this is one of many.
  2. a selection of three teas from tea leaves - strawberry & champagne - ceylon and china teas sprinkled with strawberry pieces and blended with strawberry and champagne flavours; lime & coconut sencha - china green tea blended with refreshing lime and tropical coconut flavours; chai chocolate - india teas blended with chocolate tea and rich warm spices; cinnamon, cloves, cardamon and ginger.
  3. original chacult tea filter from tea leaves - a gorgeous little tea filter in the shape of a house, complete with a drip catcher.
  4. talinga grove chilli infused extra virgin olive oil from cream at sassafras - lucy nudged me to try this one. perhaps i haven't been exposed to the variety of olive oil options available, but after sampling this pang of flavour, i couldn't resist. a piece of bread dipped in this chilli infused olive oil and dukkah - to die for.
  5. candy from sassafras sweet co. - nothing like stocking up your daily sugar fix. english raspberry drops (these remind me of sovereign hill) and toffee apple.

miss marple's tea room

lucy and i took a small trip to the dandenongs - destination: miss marple's tea room - for a long overdue tea room luncheon. the whole experience was lovely, as was the company. between the two of us, we managed to devour an embarrassingly large portion of food. it was a challenge, to say the least. the people surrounding us had a good laugh or two witnessing our slightly disgraceful, however, extremely successful attempt at consuming a pot o' tea, miss marple's famous fingers (smoked salmon, egg, cheed and caper fingers), a beef cottage pie, devonshire scones with jam and cream, and the final chapter - vicar's folly. each dish, a delectable concoction. i'm definitely venturing to the sticks for that cottage pie again, it is perhaps one of the best pies i've ever had ... and i do love me a great pie. the quiche lorraine looks very tempting as well. well worth the distance and lack of reception ... this actually made me a tad frantic, given the unhealthy dependence i have developed on my phone.

the surrounding shops are very country-like stocking tea, soaps, candles, a unique selection of children's toys, and things of the sort. a great distraction, should one have to wait an hour to dine at miss marple's, as we did. i do suggest people have a thorough look at the weather forecast before heading out. we managed an early arvo of short-lived sunshine. what was supposed to be a drizzle or two, ended up being thunderstorms and hours of endless downpour. this resulted in lucy running around with a white blouse revealing her black bra, and my camrbidge satchel seeping red dye on one of my favourite silk dresses. i know, the horror. damn satchel. dismal weather and stained silk dress aside, it was a pleasant escape from the hustle and bustle of inner city melbourne and a welcome experience.

Sunday, 13 March 2011

pink floyd | bike

you're the kind of girl that fits in with my world
i'll give you anything
everything if you want thing

i know a room full of musical tunes
some rhyme, some ching
most of them are clockwork
let's go into the other room and make them work