Sunday, 17 April 2011

marc newson for ikepod

"Marc Newson’s latest creation for contemporary watch brand Ikepod sees the Australian super-designer interpret the most iconic timepiece of all: the hourglass. Today’s short captures its development in a film by NOWNESS contributor Philip Andelman, the director behind music videos for Beyoncé, Jay-Z and Band of Horses. “The hourglass is ancient, just like the wheel,” Newson muses. “It embodies the quintessence of time.” Andelman spent two days at the GlasKeller factory in Basel filming the arduous craftsmanship behind the piece; each model requires a day to make, comprises highly durable borosilicate glass and thousands of metallurgical nanoballs, and is available in a ten- or 60-minute version. “I was surprised by the malleability of the glass; how they could bend and mold something that seems so strong yet so fragile,” Andelman says. “There are so many paradoxes at play, and I found that really poetic.” -

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