Saturday, 30 April 2011

lomo lc-a+

this little beauty of a camera has been on my wishlist for quite some time now, but i could never bring myself to fork out the money to purchase one. luckily, urban outfitters were kind enough to give me 20% off my next purchase, saving me fifty dollar bucks. score. so i guess you say this is a little birthday gift to myself. i thought the packaging was quite nice, and being a fan of such things, i thought i'd share the unraveling process with you.

"Getting the effect is one thing, but shooting lomography style is certainly another. To answer the original question - Yes, you can get lomo-ish effect with digital. But after shooting for a day with Mijonju - one realised that it's not just about the effect, it's about the complete package, the sort of raw process of shooting. Not being confined to conventions and what traditionally makes a good photo and using film as a part of that. It's part the charm and surprise when you get it developed. There's still a lot of fun to be had with film still while digital offers a lot of convenience and flexibility. But trying to do lomo with digital defeats the whole object of doing lomography in the first place." - kai from digitalrev

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joey @HONEYHYPE said...

Holy moly. Totally wanna reach through my screen to grab it off you!!

Honestly, this is one camera I have been dying to get since I was first introduced to lomo (twinnies?)!! But like you say, I haven't been able to justify the purchase. Anymore 20% OFF at UO????

The vintage equivalent would be a Olympus XA which is so hard to find too :(:(:( gahhhhh