Wednesday, 23 March 2011

red hunter wellies received

i have finally received and am loving my new perfect red gumboots. something about running around in these boots makes me feel like a child again. i remember as a child, i would trot around the garden in my cliché yellow plastic raincoat and tiny red gumboots, complete with mickey mouse decal. yeah, i was cool like that. there was this one time when i placed my foot in my gumboot ready for a new venture in my backyard, only to step on what felt like a frog inside my boot. could have been a snail, i was too distressed to check. needless to say, i was traumatised by this encounter with the foreign amphibian and instantaneously abandoned those well loved mickey mouse gumboots. i then moved on to a pair of glossy royal blue gumboots, which i stored indoors - an attempt at avoiding another gnarly frog-foot collision. never again would my gumboots be left unattended in our frog-infested backyard. and now as an adult, i've reunited with the traditional red gumboot. no frogs or snails in sight, but i will still be keeping these babies indoors ... i guess this phobia of frog-foot collision will stay with me forever, from boot to boot. silly, i know, but i can't help myself ... it was a truly traumatic incident for a five year old child to experience ... it was.

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The Ginger Fox said...

They are beautiful! Enjoy splashing in puddles with them :)
Ginger xx