Monday, 14 March 2011


thought i'd share some of my purchases from yesterday's trip to miss marple's turf - sassafras.

  1. floral tea canister from tea leaves - those who know me well, are aware that i'm quite the organised hoarder. to date, i have a collection of eighteen fossil tins. not sure why, but i just love tins, so an affinity for tea canisters is a given. i intend to have an ongoing unique collection. this is one of many.
  2. a selection of three teas from tea leaves - strawberry & champagne - ceylon and china teas sprinkled with strawberry pieces and blended with strawberry and champagne flavours; lime & coconut sencha - china green tea blended with refreshing lime and tropical coconut flavours; chai chocolate - india teas blended with chocolate tea and rich warm spices; cinnamon, cloves, cardamon and ginger.
  3. original chacult tea filter from tea leaves - a gorgeous little tea filter in the shape of a house, complete with a drip catcher.
  4. talinga grove chilli infused extra virgin olive oil from cream at sassafras - lucy nudged me to try this one. perhaps i haven't been exposed to the variety of olive oil options available, but after sampling this pang of flavour, i couldn't resist. a piece of bread dipped in this chilli infused olive oil and dukkah - to die for.
  5. candy from sassafras sweet co. - nothing like stocking up your daily sugar fix. english raspberry drops (these remind me of sovereign hill) and toffee apple.

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