Monday, 7 June 2010

the marf

what exactly is the marf? i asked the same question when skimming through a ridiculous article in the mx today. not dissing the mx, i quite like the option of picking up a free daily metropolitan newspaper. but the marf ... really?

the marf is essentially a man scarf, according to the mx anyway. smart play with words ... or not. first and foremost, the scarf was never a woman's piece of clothing. to my knowledge, it has always been a unisex winter garment. secondly, to state that the marf is a new trend is absurd. the scarf is not new by any means, they've been around for as long as i can remember. that's like stating that socks are a new trend. oh wait, my bad ... i mean mocks. here's an idea, how about we warm up this winter without making our clothes or accessories gender specific. end rant.

image source: fuckyeahloveliness

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