Sunday, 28 February 2010

little collins street

due to some dodgy restrictions regarding my lunch break, i've been forced to consume my lunch alone. quite sad, really. but good in the sense that it forces me to leave the office and wander the streets of melbourne. on this particular day, i decided to browse little collins street. i came across two lovely boutique shops.

1. little salon - shop 1, 353 little collins st
love the interior of this shop. definitely worth a browse if you're looking for unique jewellery. they also stock white bone china pieces by have you met miss jones. love. although, they do seem to be everywhere at the moment. my rabbits also seem to have fornicated profusely and popped into several melbourne boutique stores - with an elevated price tag, might i add. also glanced over some kitty came home clutches - very cute.

2. rapproducts - 345 little collins st
caters to young adults. definitely for newly weds and young families, given there's a corner purely dedicated to the little people a.k.a. babies. a sweet shop for homeware. i'm loving homeware at the moment, not sure why - but it makes me feel like an old person. they also stock white display pieces, but not the ones that are stocked in every nook and cranny of melbourne - which is nice to see. didn't fancy their jewellery stock. just not for me, i guess.

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