Saturday, 27 February 2010

book cover

i like to keep my books (and everthing else) in pristine condition. a creased book cover is a no go for the likes of me. i usually don't bring books around in my bag to prevent such occurrences. a friday night in coupled with some fabric prompted me to cater to the needs of my anal retentive disorder. the end result - this simple padded book cover. probably not the greatest of covers when it comes to book armor, but it will do for now. may add this design to our 'little hurricano' collection.

credits: delilah - for the quilting idea and also for providing the fabric.


Little A. said...

ADORABLE! Really love it. Let me know if you ever plan on making & selling because I would love one!

imnotunfaithful said...

will definitely let you know. 'little hurricano' is slowly progressing. we'll get there ... slowly but surely :)