Friday, 15 January 2010

the luncheonette

welcome to the burbs. this excites me. a snazzy place to wine and dine that's conveniently close to home. loving the interior, feels very brunswick-y. as a local i'm admittedly biased, however, you'd be surprised what you can find in lil ol' kenny. perhaps i won't be so inclined to move to brunswick afterall. we shall see. looking forward to seeing similar establishments in the (hopefully) not too distant future.
"Olivia Robinson smuggled a culinary secret back from New York when she returned to the homeland early last year. While in the US, the hospitality veteran (of New York eateries Brown and Gitane) developed a fancy for the Lower East Side counter cafes known as 'Luncheonettes' and decided the slept-on suburb of Kensington was the perfect location to open her very own.

Striking the delicate balance of cute-not-kitsch, and with focused-not-fierce service, Luncheonette toasts the other country-style eateries in the area like a ham and cheese sandwich. The food is almost all organic, derived locally from the Vic Markets, Dench Bakers and Crumbs Bakehouse. Meals like the breakfast platter (muesli with organic yoghurt with pistachios, honey and fruit toast) and the baked egg combos are even presented on lil' wooden boards!!

The interior is spotless yet filled with character, decorated with hand painted windows and accessories, a vintage cash register and random collectables that Olivia now has an excuse to display. All in all, Luncheonette is redolent with nostalgia of good times with friends and coffee in New York City. (Specifically, south of Houston, east of Bowery.)" - threethousand

173 Rankins Road, Kensington (opposite Kensington train station)

image source: flickr

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Johnny said...

love this place. kensington is better than brunswick btw. leafier, and cheaper, and just as close to the city!