Tuesday, 19 January 2010

lost valentinos

i should smack myself for neglecting this uber awesome local band over the past couple of months. my only excuse, the loads of music i have to go through on my itunes playlist which is hindering me from exposure to other awesome music. no seriously, ask anyone - it's that huge. and then there's my failed attempt to relieve my anticipation for the upcoming concert in march - pixies on repeat.

back on topic. loving the 'cities of gold' debut album. due to reasons listed above, their album release was only recently brought to my attention (released in september 09). yes, i am a failure of a muso. 'serio' and 'the bismarck' are tracks i've had floating around for a while, so i have had a taste of what was yet to come from lost valentinos. their sound has definitely changed since their name change from 'the valentinos'. not sure whether or not it's for the better, but i love both the before and after results. i will say though, i can see how their new sound may attract a larger crowd. insert-judgemental-thought-here. enjoy the clip.

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