Thursday, 25 June 2009

a serious note from the author

Written on December 16, 2007
Dear Reader,

I’ve been receiving some email from “wreck this journal” users who are mentioning that they are having trouble wrecking their copies. I wanted to mention that this is in part the point of the book. That we will all come up against some kinds of blocks or impasses (some pages are harder for us than others), based on our own personal relationship with destruction and our own perfectionistic tendencies. I would like to state for ther record that this is perfectly normal and expected. I myself have found there are some pages that I like to avoid, but I do know that those are the places that I probably need to visit the most. The hope is that somehow we can work through these blockages using the book, and maybe they will translate to bigger things out in the world, (or not). But in my experience usually they do. I am much less afraid of mistakes than I used to be. Time to jump in and get REALLY dirty. I know it’s scary sometimes, but you’re only here once so you better wreck as many pages (and things) as you possibly can, (otherwise how will anyone ever know you were here?). Maybe getting a bit angry will help. If it helps you can pretend to be angry at me the author for putting you through this ridiculous experience.
Note to those of you who are tempted to keep your copy in a perfect, pristine condition: This is definitely NOT THE POINT!!! You are hereby instructed to dispose of the entire book immediately! (through fire, loss, passing on your copy to someone who is capable of destroying it, give it to your dog, throw it out of a moving vehicle, put it back on the shelf where you bought it, mail it to your mother, give it to a child, or any number of methods of disposal that are not listed here). You are no longer allowed to have the book in your possession! You are banned from ownership of this particular book until you can find a way to follow the instructions. Or until further notice from me, whichever comes first.

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