Saturday, 27 June 2009

frye boots for me?

yes please! so i didn't manage to get a pair of the oh so desired engineer boots, only size 9s were left. how unfortunate. if i do find them again, and i have some ca-ching to dish out, i will most certainly be purchasing them. but for now, i have the 12 inch harness pair (as below). in my opinion, if cowboy boots were to have sex with the engineer boots, this would be their offspring. i know some people may not approve of the boots and would call them, and i quote, lesbian boots (you know who you are, ily x), but i think they will work with some of my outfits. plus, the sales assistant was wearing a pair, and i must say - she totally rocked them. oh, how i heart good quality leather.
'Founded in 1863 by English shoemaker John A. Frye, the Frye Company is the oldest continuously operated shoe company in the United States, and Frye boots were worn by soldiers for both sides of America's Civil War.' -

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elizabeth said...

i've worn the cowboy harness ones for the past 6 yrs. and they get better and better with age. i wear them with everything! from cocktail dresses to skinny jeans.