Monday, 25 July 2011

melbourne design market | july 2011

made an appearance at the melbourne design market on sunday. a successful and productive market this year, in my opinion. the market generally stocks around 2/5 of the same stalls every year, which is a tad disappointing. begs the question, does the lack of accessible creativity reflect melbourne's artistic talent, or lack thereof? i've never really queried it - i am a proud melbournian and do enjoy the artistic culture and lifestyle of the city dwellers. perhaps it's more of a 'good things come to those who wait' situation. must be. that said, i'm pretty sure a majority of the stalls were selling non-australian designed or made products. back on topic, i managed to pick up the following: -
  • cards by able and game - these cards make me smile. we purchase these every time, so it only seemed fitting to ensure we lived up to the tradition. i do quite like the google card.
  • keepcup - great colour combination, eh? it reminds me of a watermelon. @alfalfasaysyes picked out the colours and we bought matching keepcups. can you feel the love?
  • great balls of wire - a nifty little gadget to keep all your wires in some logical order. great for OCD people, such as myself.
  • stock album - a petite photo album with pockets, for my instant fuji instax shots. i like the concept. the pockets also remind me of those old yellow pockets in school library books. i don't even remember the correct term for those anymore, it was that long ago.


joey @HONEYHYPE said...

Love the pastel colours keepcup! I haven't picked one up yet cos I never see nice colours around. And that stock album will look so great when its filled with pics! Wish Brissie had a design market... (or maybe we do but I just never hear about it!?)

adoanut said...

i like it too :)
yes! can't wait to fill it with instax shots! the little album was only $4! bargain! should've bought you one and sent it over! next time :)