Friday, 29 July 2011

the kills | prince bandroom 2011

and so we meet again, alison. this would be the third time i've seen alison perform live - twice for the kills, and once for the dead weather. she is amazing. what i love most about her shows, is the vibe. the audience is very chilled - not bored, just chilled. no pushing or shoving, just a gathering of people with a genuine appreciation for her music.

a friend and i queried why the kills opt for a drum machine - we came to the conclusion that 'it just wouldn't work'. they don't need an extra member to have that band-like image - 'the kills' are alison and jamie. just like 'the white stripes' are jack and meg. alison mosshart and jamie hince have a unique and beautiful on stage presence; the chemistry is actually kind of heartwarming. they're not just a band, they're friends, and they're not afraid to express it on stage. i know, it seems like a simple concept, but i've been to enough shows to confidently say - some bands are quite ... how do i put this nicely? pompous. you don't get that with the kills. they love what they do, they love the music, and they appreciate their fans.

although they didn't perform black balloon and alphabet pony, which was a little disappointing, the things that made the show for me were - 1) alison's rickenbacker - this increased my 'i would turn for you' factor for alison, tenfold; 2) extended eye to eye contact with jamie - i mean, come on, who wouldn't want eye to eye contact with kate moss' husband. some would argue that perhaps he wasn't looking directly at me, but for the purpose of this blog, let's just say he did.

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