Monday, 13 June 2011

moleskine leather cover

a handmade leather moleskine cover by zenokleather. although zenkleather suggests this is specifically for moleskine journals, it actually has multiple uses. i found this item whilst browsing etsy for allthewildhorses' requested belated birthday present - a travel journal. okay - so it's not quite a travel journal, but it's close enough. for those of you who, like myself, love to keep their books in pristine condition - it also works well as a book cover. all in all, i'm a happy camper.


Dylana Suarez said...

Super lovely blog!


joey @HONEYHYPE said...

LOVE this!! I saw a few on etsy awhile back but didn't get around to buying one. Did it take long to arrive? I want!!

adoanut said...

not too long. i think about a week :)
i luuurves it!