Monday, 16 May 2011

room sweet room

my room sweet room submission for urban outfitters ... even though i reside in australia and therefore am not eligible for the competition. so according to urban outfitters, i am from the state of virginia - it was the closest i could get to the real thing. yes, this is how much time i have on my hands. well, no - not really, this is how easily my attention can be diverted into some form of procrastination. here is my study leisure room for the world to see. good night.


Anide said...


It makes me want to change my entire room now!!

The cuckcoo clock is amazing!

♥ ♥

adoanut said...

thank you anide :)
go ahead! do it! shopping for home decor is surprisingly very fun.

J said...

Helloo! ive stumbled upon your blog, i love your roooom! <3 super cute. and i love your blog too! anyway hope u are doing i miss melbourne! jess (the one from the uk)

J said...

fb msged u!

MissKatv said...

very nice photo. I really love black white and brown combinations! :D
oh, Nice blog deary. Definitely going to follow you!:D
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Kat :)

Julie said...

" attention can be diverted into some form of procrastination..." Haha that whole post was well worded!