Thursday, 17 February 2011

beats by dr. dre | solo hd

one of my many spontaneous purchases. i mean, how can you resist purchasing such aesthetically pleasing digital goods. i love the size of these headphones, probably a tad too small for guys, but perfect for girls. i managed to get this white pair at a cheaper price through a friend of mine. i had a preference for black, as it would be less distinct, but surprisingly the white pair isn't overwhelmingly obvious and attention seeking ... which was my initial concern.

headphone sound quality is not my area of expertise, but in my honest opinion - they're just alright. the headphones are more compatible with hip-hop music ... which doesn't really do much for me, given i only have one hip-hop album and the other 11,000 or so songs on my itunes play list are generally rock. guess i should have done my research before making the purchase. that said, i don't regret buying them, and for the meanwhile these shall suffice.

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Dylana Suarez said...

This looks so awesome!