Sunday, 9 January 2011

serge thoraval

after a long stroll down oxford st, paddington, i managed to find these grand jewellery pieces by serge thoraval, in a little androgynous boutique on william st. i'm very much a lover of all things with text, so naturally text etched jewellery is right up my alley. the designs are simple silver pieces with text carefully chosen by serge. the spinning 'love' ring, in particular, caught my eye (note: not displayed below).

"Far from the conventional and smooth shapes, the jewellery created by Serge bears as much the imprint of the hand that has hammered it as that of the words he chose to etch on it.

Strong, yet romantic, the shape often enhances the words: the “Genesis” is a medail etched in a large spiral evoking the turmoil of a new born world; the “Kiss” is a set of bangles entwining the arm.

Chosen in his favorite books, from his memories or suggested by friends, the texts convey the sensitivity and emotion that Serge wanted to share with the people that would wear his jewellery.

For those who buy it, for those who receive it, the “message” is immediatlely filled with a personel, intimate meaning." - atelier serge thoraval

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