Wednesday, 29 December 2010

artifact bag co. | no. 215

"Be the talk of the office when you bring your lunch in this sturdy, waxed canvas lunch tote. Handmade with Horween leather strap and hand hammered, solid copper rivets. Double stitched seams using heavy (size 138) mil spec nylon thread." - artifactbags


Dylana Suarez said...

These are so beautiful!

Lovely blog!


CA_grafico said...

I like this so much that im gong to make one!

Amie said...

thats such a neat idea! i'm just curious, your blog has such a design focus - do you study it or are you just interested in it?

x amie

adoanut said...

dylana: thank you <3
ca_grafico: they are quite spiffy aren't they :)
amie: i don't study design, but i've always been very interested in it and intrigued by it. sometimes i wish i studied design, but i don't know if i have enough of that creative spark in me. for now, i shall observe and blog :)