Saturday, 20 November 2010

mac love

so after a week or so of experiencing one too many spinning wheels of death, my beloved imac died on me. as you can imagine, i was beyond devastated. 'twas in for repair (with beyond the box - highly recommended) for what felt like many (... 3) sleepless nights. in an attempt to persuade my imac to refrain from failing on me again, i have spoiled it silly with some new additions. this should keep us both happy till i decide to upgrade.
  • 1TB hard rive
  • 1GB extra RAM
  • magic trackpad
  • western digital my passport essential 750GB hard drive (hooked up to time machine)


C said...

What is a trackpad?
You desk looks like B's housemate's desk - except it's white. He's an apple freak (I swear he has Steve Job's direct line).
And hurray for it being fixed.
A, inside voice please. And no running inside.

adoanut said...

it's like the mouse pad on the macbooks :)
i love apple freaks <3
okaaaay mother C x