Thursday, 11 November 2010


elevenses was previously located in kensington, the suburb of my humble abode. i've been meaning to drop by, only to realise the little cafe had relocated conveniently next to the building in which i slave away 8 hours a day, 5 days a week. when a restaurant follows you around in such a fashion, you just know it's fate. and that it is, i'm sitting here devouring my roast otway pork sourdough sandwich (with provolone, tomato, parsley, snow pea shoots and spiced apple sauce). definitely one of the tastiest sandwiches i've had down this end of the city in quite some time. i love a good sandwich. such a simple meal, but when done right, it can leave you craving for more. the wait is a tad long, but very much worth it, and there's the satisfaction of knowing your sandwich is fresh. of course, they've attended to this waiting period and supplied their fellow customers with a scrabble board to fiddle with and some very interesting furnishing to glance over, including but not limited to a refurbished pool table and a gigantic moose (e.t.a. well, i thought it was a moose) head. will definitely be giving the tomato and basil rye sandwich a go on my next visit, coupled with a cup of coffee - which, from what i hear, is quite good. it's nice to have a little taste of home on my break from all the brilliance that is recruitment ... and back to the grind.

585 little collins street

image source: fitzroyalty

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