Tuesday, 2 November 2010

coachella 2010

very the sims-esque.
"I wanted to portray a unique view of the incomparable Coachella experience. Following the crowds in the sunshine from arrival, camping, exploring the art in the arena, all the way through to the headliners at night, this film brings a miniature feel to this huge festival." - sam o'hare
2:51 - glowing stick man. quite possibly the best thing you could wear to a festival. kudos.


C said...

I am so confused. My dashboard isn't coming up with your posts, but when I go to press 'follow', it says I am already following. Technology - I hate you.
A - I like your blog.


Your Kitty said...

Coachella is my dream festival, gahhh maybe next year...

adoanut said...

c: -drops jaw- this issue must be resolved with urgency.

your kitty: your blog is gorgeous!