Sunday, 24 October 2010

kozyndan short film

kozyndan's collaboration with motion theory resfest circa 2004. if you're familiar with kozyndan's artwork, at some point you will have come across the brilliance that is their panoramic works of art. artistic (married) duo - kozy sketches the artwork and dan colours the final sketches with his photoshop skills. below is a motion picture version of their work.

" ... moves from left to right. so instead of just watching it one image after another, it's almost like you're reading it like a book. so it's a crossover between still images and moving images because you have to read the screen before the stuff leaves the screen. that's the sort of different way of seeing that we were trying to capture. so that it's not just about the content but also about how you experience the content." - grady hall (creative director)

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