Sunday, 24 October 2010

hooded duffle cape


Amie said...

such a lovely cape! looks so warm too :)

x amie
heartbeats, intimidation

mel a said...

i love it! + the dress is cuteeeee :D *sigh*.. i'm dress hunting atm... been invited to a wedding + an engagement party. i haven't bought a dress since i finished year 12.. back in 05. *sigh*. any suggestions on where to go? :)

imnotunfaithful said...

mel a: oh no, you haven't bought a dress since 2005? this simply cannot be. we must do something about this depravity you have succumbed yourself to :)
i got this dress from urban outfitters. 100% silk and from what i can recall it was under $60US.

mel a said...

yeah. i'm not much of a dress wearer :P haha.. i'm a teacher, as profession, and wear pantssss most of the time :P haha