Monday, 13 September 2010

rubbles and riches

rubbles and riches a.k.a. lavo (laverton) market. i remember going to this as a child almost every weekend. i quite enjoy spending quality time at the market with my parents, so i couldn't pass up the opportunity to go for a quick browse on saturday morning. very happy with my market finds.

double heart ring - i'm usually not a fan of jewellery, or anything for that matter, with details resembling a heart. i find it tacky and too princess-y for my liking. despite the heart detail on this ring, i like it very much. the lady asked for $3. mum, being the typical asian mother she is, bless, nudged me to bargain for less ... so i did, and i ended up getting this gem for a mere $2.

sankyo mf 404 - i'm not a collector of video cameras, but i saw this interesting old little gadget and was intrigued. i picked it up, the old man quoted $30. i didn't really feel the need to add a video camera to my collection. i placed it back down, the old man quoted $20. tempted, i fidgetted with the lens and buttons. but where would i put it? back down it went, i began to walk away. old man quoted $10. and that is how i came to acquire the sankyo mf 404. one of the many unnecessary items in my room that will be left on the shelf to collect dust for the remainder of its dull existence. but i do like it. this 70's film camera is also in great condition, complete with a spiffy case and manual. the case is quite nice. the case itself justifies the $10 price tag, given its pristine condition. of course, it's completely useless as we're not in a generation that uses projectors, let alone develops such tapes. but if you equip this little guy with 4 AA batteries and pull the trigger, it makes a pretty awesome old school video camera sound. chk-chk chk-chk. what can i say? i'm easily impressed.

adler typewriter - i've been on the lookout for a typewriter for quite sometime now, but they've either been too expensive or too dirty for my liking. i'd prefer an older black or light blue typewriter, but for $25 i really couldn't resist buying this one. although, had i known it was missing a lever attachment critical for the use of uppercase typing, i probably wouldn't have purchased it. i've cleaned it up a bit, and am content with this typewriter for now. however, i do hope to invest in a vintage royal or corona in the not too distant future.

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C said...

Bargains! Nice work!
I like the 'heart' ring very much. I thought it was a cross ring.