Saturday, 4 September 2010

msfw show 4

"The modern urban palette is represented here exclusively with a grouping of Melbourne designers. This show is a celebration of idiosyncratic Melbourne style; the aesthetic of the innovative Melbourne designer, the fashion of our lane-ways, hidden bars and architectural contrasts. Pin-pointing the modern Melbourne look, the runway will be filled with a muted palette, technical design and a sprinkling of irony." - msfw

now this is more my kind of thing. i'll make it short and sweet. first things first, the hair. every year this designer series manages to come up with a unique style - usually pulled back with plaits, but different every time. sheer brilliance. it completes the look. i was seated for this show. not impressed with the seating arrangements. why they decided to seat people in the middle of the runway bewilders me. also, not sure if this was an issue every other year, but they really need to elevate seat rows per row, like in the cinemas, rather than every second. quick rundown of the night below.

colour palette: as per usual - black and grey, pastel purple, purple-grey tones
featuring: snow owls, knit patterns, draping
loved: draping more focused on the back
extra comments: i browsed alphaville before attending the show, i was disappointed that they'd already had these pieces in stock at alphaville. last year i had to wait months for the piece i was eying to come out. i like the anticipation, don't take that away from me.

colour palette: cream, burnt orange-red, poppy red, grey
featuring: cute shorts, tailored to look non-tailored suits, criss cross back
loved: the jumpsuit with the criss cross back

colour palette: white, grey, black, exotic green patterns
featuring: exotic holiday-ish patterns, lamé, buttoned shirts
loved: the black lamé skirt. very cute. the long shirts i could never wear due to my vertically challenged body type
extra comments: not a fan of the exotic holiday-ish pattern, looked tacky in my opinion. especially in the men's blazer. but each to his own. apparently the limedrop pieces are also already in stock.

colour palette: blue, light blue, black, cream
featuring: plain simple designs, large frills, one shoulder dresses
loved: nothing sparked my interest
extra comments: the large shoulder engulfing frills were not flattering. not to mention, the fabric looked cheap. in an attempt to liven up the plain designs, they accessorised with these hideous large cheap gold double chain earings. apologies for the harsh comments, i only speak the truth.

jack london
colour palette: taupe, purple, purple-grey tones, grey, black, deep red
featuring: purple pants, cuffed pants, glittery suit, ruffled cuffs
loved: nothing sparked my interest, although i did think the ruffled cuffs were cute. wouldn't support the look off the runway though.
extra comments: are these models relatively short, or is it just me?

note: i'm not sure what this series is really. i think it's just fat revealing their new spring stock.
loved: pussy bows, leather backpack, silky long shirt jacket, grey fluffy woolly jumper.

claude maus denim
colour palette: as per usual - black and grey
featuring: black denim, shiny black denim
loved: nothing sparked my interest
extra comments: i honestly thought this was going to be a claude maus series, rather than just claude maus denim. needless to say, i'm a tad disappointed.

colour palette: black, grey
featuring: cropped jacket, cape, tie-dye
loved: nothing sparked my interest

carly hunter
colour palette: cream, ivory, black, mustard, light grey
featuring: large spots on sheer fabric, draping, collars, back slits
loved: the feminine cutesy collars. subtle but effective back slits.

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