Wednesday, 1 September 2010

msfw show 2

"Elegant and embellished threads are celebrated with this mix of artistic designers.

Expressive and doctored fabrics as well as a luscious mixture of pleats, ruching and ruffles will be seen in this year’s collections. An emphasis on luxury fabric: silk, satin, georgette, leather and feathers add to the opulence of this special designer grouping.

Featuring exquisite workmanship, this is a show which venerates the artistic elegance of fashion." - msfw

not the usual fashion show i would attend, but my brother's girlfriend was in dire need of fashion show cherry poppage, and prior commitments did not allow me the option to attend show 1 or 3. loved all the brunette's strutting down the runway, they're truly taking over. a quick debrief from yours truly, a simple fashion minion with no expertise in fashion other than her own judgment.

aurelio costarella
colour palette: neutral cream and black separates combined to create a simple yet tasteful contrast
featuring: frills, sequins, tulip skirts
loved: the puffy fluffy black cropped jacket held together by a large waist belt. creating the ultra skinny waist illusion, or maybe she just had a really small waist.

colour palette: angelic white shades, creams, pastels
featuring: long silky gowns, glimmer/bling
loved: alice burdeu's appearance with her long red loose locks and dainty figure

colour palette: cream, beige, grey, brown, poppy red, ivory
featuring: draping
loved: the perfectly coordinated order of appearance. beginning with neutral plain colours, followed by hints of poppy red, full blown poppy red, and digressing with neutrals, ending with ivory whites.

arthur galan
colour palette: black and white separates, grey, cream, pinkish-red, green
featuring: frills, slim tailored suits
loved: the preppy boy look. black and white contrast. slick hair, but only on the runway. skinny tailored suits that give the height illusion.
extra comments: i found the colourful outfits a tad boring. a repetition of what's already out there.

lisa ho
colour palette: the perfect shades of purple, orchid, lilac, khaki
featuring: pretty patterns, purple
loved: finally a designer who used colour tastefully. represented what a spring collection should really be. don't get me wrong, i love neutral tones and creams, but it's nice to have some colour in a spring collection. not overdone, perfect.
extra comments: hands down my favourite collection from msfw show 2

megan park
colour palette: beigh, purples, lilac, red, aqua, peach, salmon
featuring: turban headbands, boho, loose fit
loved: the turban headbands, very cute. the purple and red combination.
extra comments: i'm really over this boho look, not sure why people keep trying to bring it back

yeojin bae
colour palette: pink, taupe, peach, blue-ish grey, blue, green
featuring: slim tailored suits, simple additions that make the piece unique
loved: slim tailored suits, blue-ish grey tones

collette dinnigan
colour palette: poppy red, pink, grey, neutral tones
featuring: patterns, glimmer/bling
loved: glimmer and neutral tone combination. i'm generally not a fan of glimmer/bling, but collette dinnigan seems to have mastered the art of subtle glimmer.

colour palette: white, ivory, cream, dark and light greys, hints of deep purple, burnt orange
featuring: pretty collars, sheer fabric, draped outerwear, floral patterns
loved: the subtle and feminine collars. very cute.

colour palette: soft pastels, grey, blue, purple, cream, taupe
featuring: checkered outerwear, loose fit, frills
loved: anything checkered. the use of soft pastel colours
extra comments: not a fan of the metallic purple bag. barf. the headwear, especially the one that highly resembled a satellite dish was ... interesting.

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