Sunday, 5 September 2010

father's day

if you've received a gift from me sometime in the last three years, you'd be familiar with my gift wrapping. i wrapped my dad's father's day present yesterday, thought i'd share. he probably won't appreciate it as much as i enjoyed wrapping it.

i think it's the perfectionist in me that enjoys wrapping - cutting paper, folding with precision. my wrapping style differs from gift to gift. sometimes i use old postage stamps i collected as a child, other times i opt for wax seals. i've recently started using old pages from books. i'm starting to collect stamps as well. i keep these all in a wooden box from my primary school days. i kid you not, i used this to store my stationery. a friend's dad made them for us, so a group of us girls would lug this to and from home and school every day. in hindsight, i'm really unsure as to how i managed to fit this thing in my backpack.


Anonymous said...

That looks awesome!! I love stationary!!

Sharon said...

what beautiful, beautiful wrapping! I sure do appreciate me a perfectionist.

Sharon x