Sunday, 26 September 2010

deer-lirious head

so i've officially run out of wall space to hang things without my wall looking cluttered. this deer head (from corky saint clair) was supposed to go on one of my cream walls. alas, cream and white resin lack contrast, and thus do not go well together. yes, i am a genius of sorts. there is now a hole, albeit tiny, in my cream wall. it makes me a tad anxious. hyperventilates. it's okay amanda, this too shall pass.

being the clutz i am, i knocked over half my jewellery shrine taking these photos. i would die if i chipped my beloved squirrel. needless to say, it was not a pleasant experience. for this reason, i ask you to give these photos a little extra attention by staring at them for an extended 2 seconds each. no, you can't have those 6 seconds of your life back. but thank you, it's been a pleasure.

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nostalgia. said...

that last photo is so cute! love how you've arranged everything.