Monday, 30 August 2010

merit badges

i love the concept of these merit badges. lee meszaros came up with the idea when she came across an abandoned brownie sash complete with badges. someone had worked hard to obtain these badges, and at one point in his/her life, decided those accomplishments which one once held dear, are no longer significant. lee made these badges in hope that people would cherish them for life and not outgrow them. artsy genius. not to mention, these badges are both adorable and unique in their own special way. i especially love the little sayings that come with each badge. too cute.
"All the badges are inspired by the little sayings that manage to sneak their way into day-to-day conversations. It's funny once you're aware of them how often you'll hear them in passing conversation and in movies. Each badge starts with a drawing, which I make into a silkscreen and screen onto cream-coloured cotton. I hand print all the colours into each image and hand-embroider the little details. From there they are paired with a coloured border ring and sewn together with my sewing machine. After that I hand-sew a pin-back onto each and pin them to a display card that says what the badge is honouring." - lee meszaros in frankie magazine

  1. dancing to the beat of your drum
  2. being the best thing since sliced bread
  3. being cute as a button
  4. taking the cake
  5. being just my type
  6. wetting your whistle

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