Saturday, 28 August 2010

letter to my 5th grade teacher

dear miss gauci,

i liked you, i really did. that was until you accused me of not returning that book. i understand, the class was required to return all their books to gain credit for being ... a quality class that didn't misplace books? regardless, it seemed to be something the class took pride in. being the reserved little asian girl with a sparse number of friends, i could not afford to be disliked for something as simple as not returning a book. i hold you responsible for the negativity placed towards me at the end of 1997 by my fellow classmates. i feel i was unfairly blamed for the class' lack of book-returning skills.

you accused me because, being the forgetful child i was, i didn't write the date i had borrowed the book in the log. however, i had written the date i had borrowed and returned other books before and after that book. forgetting to log the return of a book doesn't imply the book was never returned. how narrow minded you were. i suggest you delve into your research a little deeper before pointing fingers, perhaps then you would have realised another student, nicole, had borrowed the book after me. i married up the dates with my own student log. you know, the one that you write in to state which book you've deciphered and how many pages, followed by your guardian's signature. cleared up my name just fine, so i took the initiative to transfer the date to the log book. proud of my ingenious analytical and problem solving efforts, i approached you with my head held high, hoping to rid all allegations and perhaps deflect the negativity from my peers. needless to say, you were not very happy with my approach. had you given me a mere 5 seconds to explain the situation i would not have been publicly humiliated with your pointing finger and stern, somewhat constipated, facial expression. i shat myself. i'd given up on proving myself innocent at this point. fortunately, a classmate ended up finding the book in the crevice between the lockers and the wall. brilliant. i could progress to the 6th grade without being a complete loser.

then there was that time you suggested i read a picture book rather than a novel. your reasoning behind this was actually valid. according to my reading log, it took me 2 weeks to read 'dollhouse of the dead'. my log lied. i finished reading this book within a few days, i just couldn't be bothered borrowing another book and logging it. to avoid doing so, i mass logged each chapter of the book over a span of 2 weeks, then got my dad to sign it on a daily basis. success - portion of homework complete. then you shoved a picture book about a mouse and his cheese in my face. i was beyond this but i had to make a choice. keep quiet about my mass logging strategy or play dumb. i opted for the latter.

all in all, you were a nice teacher but a tad narrow minded and gullible. children can be smart, too. i hope you've worked that out by now.

regards, A

inspired by: daniel evans from frankie

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