Saturday, 17 July 2010

the track record

the track record - a record of the number of times you've been a dumper or a dumpee. some people take pride in such trivial matters. question - is being a renowned dumper a negative or positive thing? we can look at this from a positive or a negative perspective. i'm all about negatives, and i will blog as such. so here goes ...

let's be biased and take the genuine good guys/girls out of the equation i.e. the ones who are just trying to find the right person but constantly fail because they're a bad judge of character. now we're left with the class-a jerks i.e. the ones that like to pull at other's heart strings with their good looks and charm. they live by the shameful but effective love them and leave them tactic. from my perspective, people who do keep a track record are obnoxious and thus, fit in the latter category. if this is the case, then would being the dumper be all it's cracked up to be? do people take pride in being, for lack of a better word, a player?

the player will refuse to be anything other than the upper-hand. so much so, that should their record be threatened, in an attempt to keep their track record, they will retreat to the dreaded breakup call. there's no time to think, my reputation is on the line. needless to say, in the off chance that the player does get dumped, he/she will either deny it or deem the break up mutual.

which brings me to my next discussion point - when are you classified as the dumper? consider the following situation:
boy who previously cheated on girl wants to get drunk and crash at a chicks house with a bunch of other chicks. insecure girlfriend does not appreciate this and thinks over the relationship overnight. girlfriend calls boy the following day to tell him she doesn't feel like there is enough effort and she is done with his bullshit (note: girl initially offered to meet up to discuss the situation, but boy was stubborn and preferred to hear it over the phone as there was 'no point' in meeting up). end.
clearly, this was not a mutual breakup. yet, to this day, boy believes it is. how can something so obvious be misinterpreted, you ask? well, in an attempt to keep his track record he'll tell the world that he has never been dumped. repetition and selective memory have come in to play. such a method is very effective and generally produces the intended result. chances are he'll end up convincing himself. insert-ego-boost-here. so there you go kids, a classic example of a person who takes so much pride in his so-called track record, that he is blinded by the fact that - no, it wasn't a mutual break up, you were dumped. insert-gasp-here.

let me reiterate, i don't care for the track record. the issue here is a case of acknowledgment. if these white lies keep you from the truth, if you've managed to convince even yourself, then how are you going to ever learn from your mistakes? you'll never face the issues that led to the break up in the first place. it's a little disappointing. not to mention, i can't imagine a track record would be viewed as a feat or an attractive demeanor. if anything, it makes you seem all the more intimidating. but hey, perhaps that's the impression you're going for.

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