Wednesday, 28 July 2010

respect the yannis

tell us about the tour?
we never had lights or like a visual thing before though, so that'll be different. and just playing to more people. we're the kind of band that really feed off that reciprocal energy from a crowd. we really need it, so the more people the merrier, in a way.

a new direction for the next album?
we feel like we've done the dance guitar thing. we want to jump to the furthest extreme. at the moment, what we can think of is surf rock. there's probably more extreme stuff to do, but i think surf rock is the most appealing.

is commercial success important?
we want people to like our band. we want people to listen to our records. i want people to like our records. i think we all do in the band, otherwise we wouldn't be doing it. i think the bands that say that they don't are essentially liars. because you would've never gotten a record deal, you'd just make music for yourself. but i think the key to it is to not allow that to become your motivation.

has fame changed you?
i don't think i really am famous. we don't feel famous at all. i still go home, i still kind of live with my mum and she makes me do laundry. so i don't really feel famous. i feel awkward when people ask me that.

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