Saturday, 24 July 2010

michi girl & kat macleod

i recently skimmed through like i give a frock by michi girl. although the content is amusingly satire, i wouldn't exactly say it's well written. some of the points raised are valid, but i also found myself cringing at some of her views. i'm not the only reader with this point of view either. michi subtly placed a letter in her book from a fellow reader stating that: -
"although it's a little light on actual fashion advice, i'm still finding it quite useful. for example, the other day i was out having coffee in the sun and realised i'd left my sunglasses at home. but then i realised i had a copy of your book in my bag. it was the perfect size to block the sun from my eyes while i read my favourite magazine" - like i give a frock
i'm not sure how i would take to someone telling me that my book (if i had one) was only ever good for blocking the sunlight so i could read another book or magazine. there's also an email from her mother, implying that michi shouldn't judge people with facial hair. the fact that michi allowed these to be published in her book, reveals that she's very much aware of what people think of her writing and judgmental demeanor - and quite frankly, she doesn't give a shit. not only that, she's making bucket loads of money out of it. all power to her.

i was mislead into buying this book, thinking it would be an enjoyable leisurely read about fashion, as the blurb suggests. my own fault of course, judging a book by it's cover. that said, had i not done so, i wouldn't have come across the artwork of melbourne's very own, kat macleod. i may not love this book for its written content, but the illustrations are beautiful. her artistic combination of sketches, vibrant watercolours and fabrics, screams brilliance. and with that, i'll leave you with a clip of kat macleod's art process. appreciate and enjoy.

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C said...

For my 21st, a few of my friends bought me a whole bunch of stuff illustrated by her. Including 'Bird' - her first published book (only 1000 printed), I love it.