Wednesday, 28 July 2010

i touched foals

i cannot retain my excitement any longer. okay, that's a lie. i've been on a i-totally-had-skin-to-skin-contact-with-yannis-philippakis high for the past two hours. let's start from the beginning ...

it's been a while since i've been to the hi-fi bar. i tend to forget how great a venue it is. it's just so intimate. not too big, not too small - just perfect for a foals gig. couldn't have picked a better venue. honestly, you could stand anywhere and you'd still have a great view. what we thought was a less than average standing area, ended up being quite possibly the best spot ever. not only was it a few meters away from foals, but it was also surprisingly roomy. and of course, let's not forget - i got to touch yannis, and by touch i mean his sweaty body ran into me. yes, we collided. swoons. all caught on camera, albeit dark and poor in quality. sigh. chime in the cliché - i'll always have the memory. punchline drum roll.

needless to say, this show was eargasmic. i didn't really know what to expect from foals live. their performances have definitely improved since their early days. they performed songs from both old and new albums. as much as i love 'total life forever', i have a soft spot for 'antidotes'. it's the album that made foals. it is foals. they toned down on the math rock in 'total life forever' and produced a softer album, representing a more mature foals. i've been there from the very beginning. i've seen their progress from their EP to their second album. they've come a long way. an amazing band consistently producing brilliant music. i can't fault them.

update: duminda went to the foals warehouse after-party. promptly texted me the following: -
"all i can say is i met, chatted with and took a photo with yannis" ... queue pang of jealousy

"i spoke about the gig and how much we loved it and how amazing it was and he said he really appreciated it and tonight was better than last night"
... what did i tell you?

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lucky you, i so wish i went to one of the hifi shows after i went to the secret show yesterday where they proceeded to blow my friggin mind.