Sunday, 25 July 2010

deciphering books

i love books. i love reading them. i love the sound when i turn the page. i love the feeling of being in someone else's shoes and the fantasy world of fiction. i love the knowledge gained from non-fiction. i love the look and feel of hardcover books. i love thumb flicking through a paperback from cover to cover, followed by the slight gust infused with the paper scent. oh, the smell of books. swoons. it just makes me all giddy inside.

my books-to-read pile is ever-growing. granted, a majority of the books are simple reads - i just haven't had the chance to skim through them yet. i have a tendency to read three-quarters of a book, then move on to the next ... leaving it there to collect dust. while i'm on the topic, i just want to say - i heart steven levitt's freakonomics books. i always feel intellectually stimulated after reading a chapter from one of his books.

i also have three more books on the way - 1) 101 things i learned in business school by michael w. preis; 2) the snow yak show by mark ryden; 3) the tipping point by malcom gladwell. depending on how gladwell's books read, i may also be inclined to read his books - outliers and blink. but let's not get ahead of ourselves. come november, if everything goes to plan, i'll also have marketing course work to read through. joy. on a lighter note, course work comes hand in hand with text books, and text books have the best paper scent. oh, glossy text book pages, how i eagerly await your arrival upon my doorstep.

it's a sunny winter day today, i might go for a ride. pop by a local cafe for some brunch, whilst sipping tea with a book on my lap. perhaps listen to the soothing voice of mumford & sons. care to join me?

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anho8715 said...

huge fan of books and huge fan of your blog! keep up the good work, I am slowly going through all your posts now and loving it all!