Sunday, 2 May 2010

birthday week

this year on my birthday week: -

as discussed with my fellow colleagues previously, we would celebrate my 23 years of life with rice paper rolls. how appropriate. all prepared by my mum and i the night before - i now know how to make the dip. grins. very asian luncheon, but it's what they requested. one of the office rooms was set up with all the ingredients and i taught the girls how to roll and eat them. 'twas great fun. as for the cake, one of the consultants baked me a cake with pink icing and the letter 'A' inscribed with sprinkles. very cute. there's nothing like a home baked cake.

later that night, celebrated with the family at hwaro korean bbq. i'm so grateful that we're a tight-knit family. when you feel like everything in life is falling apart, it's nice to know that your family will be there for you through thick and thin. as the years go by, i have a greater appreciation for all the things my parents have done for me. my brother is pretty awesome, too.

lunch with the j at portello rosso. mouth watering meal - zucchini flowers filled with tomato, rice & dill on baby zucchini salad with tomato & garlic sauce; croquettes de jamón y queso with spicy tomato jam & aioli; crispy pork belly (specials menu); and an epic piece of steak (also on the specials menu).

i guess the question here is - why lunch with the ex? it's true, what they say - only time can mend a broken heart. excuse me while i go grab my cliché banner. you think it would be awkward. but in these past few months i've had time to think things through, to re-evaluate my views. remove that love-sick blindfold and see j for who he truly is. being the naive person i was, i made up excuses to make myself believe we were, in every way, compatible. we have common interests, true - but we're different people. i see him in a different light, a less illuminated light. it's taken me some time, but i got there. that's not to say that i classify him as a friend. he is still the ex. only time will tell how this relationship, for lack of a better word, will eventuate.

mexican extravaganza with my fellow colleagues. fish bowls, mexican food, sombreros, and good company - what more could you ask for?

the night of our beloved thyen's (a.k.a. dr. hot-stuff) 'coming back soon' soirée. she'll be heading off to the gold coast to commence her medical degree. so proud. i was probably told about three times, by accident, that there would be cake. hence, the dessert menu restriction. didn't click at all. for some reason, i kept thinking it was thyen's birthday / farewell. as the cake came out with all 23 candles in the shape of an 'A', i started clapping and singing happy birthday - only to realise soon after, the cake was for me. needless to say, i was surprised. well done kkrew, you've done it again (last surprise was circa '06). a special thanks to thyen for letting me take the spotlight for a short while. kkrew make me feel so special. you're all epic levels of awesome. ily.

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