Monday, 19 April 2010

a minor place

“Well I've been to a minor place and I can say I like its face if I am gone and with no trace I will be in a minor place” - Will Oldham
the luncheonette has some competition. alas, another brunswick vs. kensington predicament arises. loving this nifty little breakfast and lunch restaurant, located where else but in good ol' brunswick. what i love most, is the down-to-earth personalities of not only the staff, but also the fellow munchers. a great atmosphere for a meal to start off the day. the interior and exterior design, although simple, feels quite cosy - in a vintage home sort of way.

for those who love a good brunch, the menu is quite drool worthy. the menu is here for your perusal. on this particular sunday morning i ordered the 'the mumbler' - poached eggs on toast with pesto, fetta, spinach, fresh tomato & dukkah; and a mocha to compliment. i'm a lover of pesto. anything with pesto, bring it my way. 'twas a highly satifying meal, as was the mocha, much to my surprise. my friend ordered 'a minor breakfast' - poached eggs on toast with grilled ham, roast tomato, henry’s white beans, spinach & dukkah; which looked, and i'm sure was, just as scrumptious.

re: threethousand reference. i especially agree with the last paragraph. it's probably the best part about a minor place. definitely the kind of environment i like to munch in. will be visiting again sometime in the near future.
"You can generally trust a café with a dog, or a number of dogs, out the front. These are the kind of dogs that would grow a beard if they weren't already covered in hair. The kind of dogs that would play a guitar and sing like Will Oldham aka Bonnie ‘Prince' Billy after whose song A Minor Place is named.

Their menu is what you wish your pantry or fridge looked like, or what your pantry or fridge probably looked like before you moved out of a home to a squat on the north side. Henry's White Beans are famous in the same way that cocaine is famous and talked about in the same hush tones.

Most importantly A Minor Place isn't trying to be anything. It's been around a while and it's going to be around a while longer. It's simply doing its thing in a way that let's everyone else just do their thing and that's the way eating and hanging out should be." - threethousand
103 Albion St, Brunswick

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Little A. said...

looks delish! i love breakfast.