Friday, 23 April 2010

abici bicycles

loving these italian made abici bicycles. so cute. the four digit tag is very much out of my price range. although, i do think one of these bikes would fit perfectly with my collective future means of transport - 1) a mini cooper; 2) a vespa; 3) an abici bicycle. makes me all giddy thinking about it.

a dear friend of mine is currently constructing a flip flop hub road bike for me at the moment. i applaud him on his efforts in dealing with my indecisive nature (two brakes or one brake? cable guides or clean frame? basket or no basket? black or pastel? matte or shiny finish? ... and then some). this bike will do for now. looking forward to riding fixie styles, not on the road obviously, probably just at the park - might learn how to track stand. fun. 'tis extremely sweet that i live close enough to the city to go for leisurely rides to the state library and city parks. shall be fun. can't wait.

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jb said...

the blue bicycle feels very 'sartorialist'