Saturday, 6 March 2010


i apologise in advance for my uncontrollable tendency to jump at gigs, leaving my youtube viewers nauseous. back on topic, let's debrief. i anticipated for this show to be epic. the performance exceeded expectations. festival hall always brings out the best in bands, in my opinion. i haven't had a bad experience with the venue, as yet. the lighting was simple but very effective. i loved the lights joining forces in funky squaredance. brilliant. vocally and instrumentally phoenix are perfection. the drummer is intense. another positive note, they love their fans and you can feel it. the encore was crazy. i don't think i captured any of it, i was too busy rocking it. overall, i enjoyed this performance on epic levels. although it's still early in the year, i am confident that this will be the best concert i will have attended in 2010.

miami horror was the opening act. i don't rate them, not because i dislike them - i just haven't heard enough of them to judge. however, i did quite enjoy their datarock fa fa fa remix.

some side things i would like to mention in regards to concerts: -

1) if you're tall, it won't make a difference if a vertically challenged individual stands in front of you, but it'll make a world of difference for them. so please, be nice and offer that tiny gap in front of you to the tiny person behind you. otherwise, be prepared to see a head popping in and out of your periphery vision for the next hour or two.

2) understand, we all like to attend gigs with our significant others. however, it is unnecessary to latch on to them for the entire course of the concert. watch the concert now, play with each other later.

3) if you can't stand the general admission environment, then don't get general admission tickets. when you get GA, expect enclosed spaces, sweaty bodies, people pushing through, and lack of air, among other things. don't complain about it because simply put, nobody cares. you'll probably be viewed as the prissy princess by the people around you, which will most likely encourage others to push you more - and we don't want that now, do we ... ?

4) i highly discourage extended periods of shoulder riding, especially in this kind of environment. fair enough if it's at a festival, but this is a concert. the people behind you will undoubtedly get shitfaced, and will act upon this anger by throwing bottles at you - which did occur on this occasion. the smiles on everyone's faces when she was hit pointblank by a bottle was priceless, as was the clueless look on her pretty princess face.

5) note to self - bring bottle lids to next concert.

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